About Save Gold Butte

Author's Personal Connection with Gold Butte 

Until now, I have not really taken an active role in the dialog concerning the future of Gold Butte. I guess that I had just hoped that someone else would take care of it. Maybe I thought that the whole thing would just blow over. However this is not the case.

We need people who have common sense, a love for the Gold Butte country and who want to see a positive change, to get involved in creating a responsible management plan for Gold Butte. It is easy to sit back in the chair of complacency and hope that someone else will get the job done. However it is not going to happen.

As I have thought about how I can become involved and be a positive influence in the talks and development process for change in Gold Butte I started looking for a place where I could go to get information about what is currently happening. I found that there was not a place for those of us who were in the middle. A place for people who want both conservation and multiple use in the Gold Butte region. For these reasons I created Save Gold Butte.

I am working to build this site into a place where I can explain the issues, post current events, and get people involved who want to see both conservation of our public lands but also multiple use. So if you are interested in the issues surrounding Gold Butte and its future management please start checking this site and become a follower. Following is the best way to receive current events and learn ways to get involved in saving Gold Butte.

Jack Nelson, Dustin Nelson, Stan Hardy