Sunday, January 25, 2015

My RMP Request

This letter is in regards to the proposed RMP for the Southern Nevada.

I appreciate that you have extended the amount of time that you gave the public to comment on the RMP proposals however the real problem is not the length of the comment period but the content. The proposed RMP does not include a proposal that is acceptable to a better part of Nevada residents and those who enjoy public lands. The proposed RMP sets a path that will drastically alter how the citizens of this beautiful country interact with public lands in Southern Nevada.

What is needed is for the BLM to suspend the comment period while a new practical proposal for Nevadans is created. The public and specifically those communities surrounded by public lands need a better alternative that encompass our uses and perpetuates the multiple-use landscape within Nevada.

In the book Physics and Philosophy by Werner Heisenberg he states, “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” What you, as the BLM have created are proposals in response to your method of questioning, leaving the residents and communities of Nevada obscured. The agency has employed tools that present only a myopic view of public lands while turning a blind eye to many of its current and historic uses.  This is done to implicitly limit our ability to comment. You cannot disagree with what has not been included and you can only comment on what’s been included. You as the BLM have refused to expand your method of questioning to include the everyday citizens and how they interact with public lands and its resources. You as the BLM have taken years to gather information using a process designed to give you exactly the results you needed and then given but a fraction of time to comment on slanted and narrow proposals.

I request a deferment to the comment period while the BLM develops an alternative proposal that better reflects a multiple-use landscape which is representative of Nevada residents and its historic uses.

Dustin W. Nelson
Logandale, NV

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This is a time lapse where I tried to capture the snow melt on the Virgin Mountain on New Years day