Saturday, November 22, 2014

Public Lands Day 2014 - Logandale Trails - Success

Public Lands Day 2014 at Logandale Trails was a success. We had great support from different groups like Vegas Valley 4-wheelers and Dunes and Trails as well as Scout Troops, local citizens, Moapa Valley Rotary Club and others. We had a good flow of people throughout the morning and early afternoon as people were able to come out and support the event. There was a lot of cumulative service hours given and a beautiful day to be out and about enjoying our public lands.

We started at 8:00 AM at the Logandale Trails, Trail-head with doughnuts and juice and a quick introduction and safety overview by Partners-In-Conservation. Then each group went out and performed different service projects. Many contributed to trash clean up around the trail-head and along the main trails within the Logandale Trails system.

After the main cleanup there was a lunch provided by Moapa Valley Rotary Club and a raffle.

Partners-In-Conservation appreciates the involvement and service by all those who were able to attend.

This event was originally planned for September but the rain and flooding that took place on that weekend forced required the event to be rescheduled. 

Thanks to Elise of Partners-In-Conservation for her hard work.