Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Slipshod and Irrational:Federal Basecamp

At least once a the the Clark County captures aerial imagery that it uses for Assessment purposes and other mapping related functions. One of its primary uses is in a mapping application called OpenWeb where you can view the assessor records and other GIS data along with all the aerial imagery that the county has collected. This normally occurs every spring.

This year it just so happens that the aerial acquisition occurred during the build up for the BLM's Bundy Flop.

It beautifully captures the exaggerated, hysterical and theatrical show of force parade for the Federal Cattle Arrest.

You can zoom around and see the base camp and surrounding area on April 7th 2014

To view the imagery you can click the following links:

PC version:

Mobile capable version: search by parcel number 00229000002