Friday, July 25, 2014

Comparing Elevation and Temperature - Virgin Mountain Trip

This graph charts the percent change in temperature in relation to elevation as my boys and I headed for our picnic spot on the Virgin Mountain. The data collection process is explained below...

The boys and I had a great trip up the Virgin Mountain last week as we searched for cooler temperatures. As we went up the mountain we logged the elevation, temperature and location.  My Arduino sensors haven’t come yet which will help me with capturing and logging data so for now they boys help me with the process. They are the best data loggers a dad could as for.

The raw data is interesting because it shows the change in temperature as you climb in elevation. One little side note to explain part of the data is the dramatic drop in the temperature after we initially peak in elevation, and then drop back down. This is because we dropped down the back side of the mountain in the shade of the sun.

Here I just overlaid the two graphs to show the comparison

I also wanted to normalize the data a little bit so it would make the comparisons and analysis a little bit easier. To do this I calculated the percent in change of both the elevation and temperature. 

We also tested the temperature of the water coming out of the spring.

Out data collection rig

Sure had a great trip with my boys up on the mountain.