Friday, February 28, 2014

It Doesn't Take Long...

As the pages of the calendar roll through the months, the intrigue surrounding Gold Butte seems to keep in step with the steady flip of the page.

Over the last few months I have met with different folks who are active and involved in the formalities that have been designed for Gold Butte. The discussions seem to keep the same steady pattern they have for years. With the New Year’s goals, and a seemingly renewed effort by those with a special interest, the pressure continues to mount and the outcries get broadcast even louder (although it seems to the same audience). The hopefuls, with stars in their eyes (and hoping for one on the map) still believe that bureaucracy and government can save our public lands.

From time to time, I start to get a little cynical and maybe a bit pessimistic about the whole deal. However every time I start to feel this way I load up my family, hook up our clean one owner of a trailer that we warmly call the beast, and we head for Gold Butte country. Just last weekend we spent three days camping and Whitney Pockets and touring the country side. After a weekend out in God’s country I remember why I am active in trying to preserve this piece of our public lands and the experience of it all.

Once out in this beautiful country it doesn't take long to remember why I stay actively involved in the politics of Gold Butte. 

 Here is to hoping that Congress and our President will focus on the issues that Washington can possibly help in a positive way and let the land managing be done by the local offices already created to do as such...

In the mean time go and enjoy our public lands.

As a quick side note recently Southern Nevada’s local NPR station weighed in with their own estimation as to the “issues” facing Gold Butte. You can read the article at the following link: