Friday, December 9, 2011

Public Lands and Community Involvement

This was a column I wrote for Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins District B Winter 2012 newsletter

The outdoor recreational opportunities available in rural Clark County are as vast as the country is open. As more people have become aware of these opportunities, and the uses diversify, the need for more involvement to care for our backcountry has increased.  

A growing number of residents in Commission District B are coming together to resolve the challenges that face public lands. We believe that public lands policy should be developed and implemented on a community level. Our focus is not on gaining a bureaucratic designation but instead providing local, on the ground solutions to the challenges that face our public lands.  

We are working to provide sustainable public lands management initiatives that are built on the framework of community involvement, conservation and responsible use. An actively involved community working together with the land managing agencies creates and provides the protection that our public lands need.  

Some of the projects we accomplished in 2011 include a roads monitoring project, providing dumpsters on high usage weekends, a community cleanup project and a historic documentation project.  

With the upcoming year we will be focusing on growing community stewardship of our public lands and encouraging people to get out and enjoy Clark County’s beautiful backcountry. For more information please