Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Historical Documenting Project – Public Lands Day 2010 Gold Butte

Bring your Family, bring your four-wheeler or four-wheel drive and come enjoy Gold Butte while helping to record and preserve our history. One of the projects for Public Lands Day is to start building a catalog of all the historic destination found within the Gold Butte region. The goal of this project is to ensure that all of our history gets preserved. We must be active participants in helping record our own history. We are working to give each piece of history its due credit that built the west and Clark County into what we enjoy today. We are working to record Native American cultural sites as well as Mining and Ranching. Each has played a significant role in building the Sense of Place in our western culture.

Saturday Morning from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM will be signups with the BLM at Whitney Pockets. We will have donuts for those who can make it. After signups we will break into the two different projects that we have scheduled for the day. One of the projects is to work on campsites around Whitney Pockets. If you are interested in this project you will probably want to bring some gloves and possibly some tools like a shovel and rock rake.

The other project will be the historical documenting project. With this project we will have a map and a list of places that we think need to be documented. However the list is neither complete nor do we know of all the places that are hidden within Gold Butte. Please come and share your knowledge with us so every place at Gold Butte will get its due credit. After we have worked on defining all of the places that we can, we will break up and each person or group is encouraged to visit their favorite place or a new spot at Gold Butte and help build our catalog. We want to record springs, mining camps, corrals, windmills, and other places within Gold Butte that helped shape its rich history. We are working to collect a photo, hopefully a little history behind the spot and possibly a GPS point or track to get out there.

Depending on the spot that you choose to go depends on how long you will be out. There is no official closing ceremony to attend. The real goal of public lands day is to connect people back with the public lands and work toward awareness so we can all better enjoy our big backyard.

Please come and join us Saturday morning at Whitney Pockets.