Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharing Gold Butte with Candidate Joe Heck

On Saturday July 17, members of the Public Lands Conservation Committee (PLCC) joined up with Nevada congressional candidate Joe Heck for a tour of parts of Gold Butte. We spent our time showing him some of our State’s beautiful backcountry and talking about some of the concerns that face public lands in Nevada.

Some of the specific issues that I voiced with Heck were:
Creating a long term solution for Gold Butte that fits the specific issues facing Gold Butte.
• Working to preserve the traditions and values of the local communities as stewards of public lands.
• Working towards educating the public on the importance of proper stewardship of the land.
• The importance of preserving all pieces of Gold Butte’s rich history
• The importance of maintaining our desert springs for proper wildlife management
• Our goal of Common Sense Conservation
• Protection with access to our States beautiful backcountry treasure Gold Butte

I appreciate Heck and his staff for taking the time from the campaign trail to visit with the Public Lands Conservation Committee and discuss some of the issues that face Gold Butte and many of our public lands in Nevada. Heck seemed to realize the importance of a real and honest long term solution for Gold Butte and that working with the local communities is essential to accomplishing that solution.

Again thank you Joe Heck for taking the time to meet with the Public Lands Conservation Committee.

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