Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MVTAB Stance on Gold Butte

In my own quest to become informed of the issues and politics surrounding Gold Butte I first wanted to know what the stance of my elected and appointed officials on the Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board (MVTAB) was. The following is the response I received from Guy Doty, a member of the MVTAB:

In a letter to Congressman Porter dated August 27, 2008 Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board (MVTAB) stated, "Further, in the strongest language possible, the Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board does not support the conservation component proposal put forth by the Nevada Wilderness project and affiliates."
On August 26, 2009 the MVTAB sent a letter to Congresswoman Titus which stated, "Thus, we strongly support a positive, measured approach utilizing, to the fullest extent, management actions already in place ..."
Then, in a letter again to Congresswoman Titus dated November 10, 2009, the MVTAB stated, "Therefore, the Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board, in addition to the Conservation Components that we approved in the summer of 2008, supports a positive, measured approach utilizing management actions, already in place, supports the monitoring program described above, and supports no other additional actions or designations until the above plans have been revised and the results of those plans implemented and analyzed."
Also from the same letter, "We simply ask that the cart not be put before the horse, that the plan revisions, whose outcome surely affects Gold Butte, be allowed to go forth and be finalized, BEFORE additional measures, like NCA and/or wilderness designations, occur;  those very designations could be redundant, contradictory, irrelevant, or confusing.  It seems prudent to wait until after those plan processes have been completed before embarking on something else."
Finally, in a letter to the BLM Las Vegas Field Office dated February 24, 2010, regarding BLM LV Resource Management Plan Revision (RMP), the MVTAB stated, "We request that our Moapa Valley's Essential Rural Conservation Components, approved by the Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board in August of 2008 and originally directed to the specific issue of a Gold Butte NCA, be applied, considered as formal comments, and incorporated into the revised LV Resource Management Plan as these components specifically detail a conservation plan that addresses our rural concerns and values while still protecting important natural, cultural, and historical resources; our conservation components also applies across the board landscape of all public land."