Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Day for the NCA Designation

Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins has taken the lead on the issues pertaining to Gold Butte. A positive thing that Commissioner Collins has done is state that he will support an NCA designation that includes the current Roads Management Plan for the Gold Butte area. This will allow multiple use and road designations to be legislated as part of the NCA bill allowing them to become law. On implementation of this progressive plan it will allow us to enjoy the beauty of Gold Butte rather than continue the two decade long discussion over its use designation.

Through Commissioner Collin’s leadership he has facilitated the opportunity for those who care about the long term plan for Gold Butte region to meet with our legislative representatives. This will allow us to have a much more active role in this legislative process.

Although this is a new approach to NCA designation it allows all concerned parties the security to know that at the end of this process the designation agreed upon will be in perpetuity.

However you feel about this process please let County Commissioner Collins know
702-455-3500 or email